2nd March
written by Nate

With Ice Cream Sandwich now natively supporting bluetooth keyboards, I attempted to pair an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with my Touchpad.  After a couple hours of tinkering with it, including installing Bluekeyboard JP, I was still unable to use the keyboard.  The keyboard would pair and connect with my Touchpad, but I couldn’t use it for input.

I was unable to find a solution via Google, so I took the next logical step and tried a different keyboard.  I purchased a Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000 from Amazon for about $32 and synced it with my Touchpad.  I was immediately able to use the keyboard as expected, without any additional tweaks or software installed.  I have also completely disabled Bluekeyboard JP.

Ultimately, the Microsoft keyboard that is half the price of the Apple keyboard works exceptionally well.  As an added bonus, I’ve found the Microsoft keyboard to be much more comfortable to type on.



27th February
written by Nate

After updating LANDesk 9 to SP3,  I was no longer able to properly run the boot.wim on Optiplex 760’s.  The WinPE environment would boot extremely slowly and I was unable to use it to deploy the system images.  This was after injecting the newest network and storage drivers for Windows 7 32 bit for this chassis.  WinPE 3.1 is built with the Windows 7 32 bit kernel, so I thought drivers may be the issue.

The same image worked fine with Optiplex 390’s, 755’s, 780’s, 980’s, and 990’s.

After trying a few different things and researching an answer, the steps to resolve this problem are actually quite simple.  The chassis was on BIOS revision A02 while I was having trouble with it.  After updating the BIOS to A13, the issue is resolved and I’m now able to use my boot image successfully.

Here’s a link to the A13 BIOS revision posted on Dell’s website.

15th February
written by Nate

The newest drivers available for the QX410 with NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU are version, though these aren’t published on the Samsung support site directory.  Here are the links directly to the newest driver version (hosted by Samsung).

32 Bit

64 Bit

Unfortunately there is no changelog available.  Online chat, phone support, and email support seemed unable to comprehend the request for a changelog.

6th February
written by Nate

Hirens Boot CD LogoBoot CDs can be extremely useful.  A good multi-use boot CD can be used for a wide variety of things.  Diagnosing a PC with a hardware issue, fixing an advanced malware infestation, recovering files, and imaging a computer are all things that can be accomplished with a boot CD.  One that I have had really good success with is Hiren’s Boot CD, also called HBCD.

Some of the features I use the most from HBCD (all of which are included) are antivirus tools, tools for backup, and password reset.  The full list is quite impressive and can be found on the official HBCD website.

Next time a family member or colleague brings a computer to you that their child has managed to completely infect with malware, give the boot CD a shot.  I think you’ll find it makes the job a lot easier.

Edit (2/8/2011): The newest version of HBCD has just been released, version 13.1.  Details can be found here.