2nd March
written by Nate

With Ice Cream Sandwich now natively supporting bluetooth keyboards, I attempted to pair an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with my Touchpad.  After a couple hours of tinkering with it, including installing Bluekeyboard JP, I was still unable to use the keyboard.  The keyboard would pair and connect with my Touchpad, but I couldn’t use it for input.

I was unable to find a solution via Google, so I took the next logical step and tried a different keyboard.  I purchased a Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000 from Amazon for about $32 and synced it with my Touchpad.  I was immediately able to use the keyboard as expected, without any additional tweaks or software installed.  I have also completely disabled Bluekeyboard JP.

Ultimately, the Microsoft keyboard that is half the price of the Apple keyboard works exceptionally well.  As an added bonus, I’ve found the Microsoft keyboard to be much more comfortable to type on.



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  1. Josh

    Thanks this post was very helpful! Just bought the keyboard you mentioned! (fingers crossed!)

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