27th February
written by Nate

After updating LANDesk 9 to SP3,  I was no longer able to properly run the boot.wim on Optiplex 760’s.  The WinPE environment would boot extremely slowly and I was unable to use it to deploy the system images.  This was after injecting the newest network and storage drivers for Windows 7 32 bit for this chassis.  WinPE 3.1 is built with the Windows 7 32 bit kernel, so I thought drivers may be the issue.

The same image worked fine with Optiplex 390’s, 755’s, 780’s, 980’s, and 990’s.

After trying a few different things and researching an answer, the steps to resolve this problem are actually quite simple.  The chassis was on BIOS revision A02 while I was having trouble with it.  After updating the BIOS to A13, the issue is resolved and I’m now able to use my boot image successfully.

Here’s a link to the A13 BIOS revision posted on Dell’s website.

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