15th February
written by Nate

The newest drivers available for the QX410 with NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU are version, though these aren’t published on the Samsung support site directory.Ā  Here are the links directly to the newest driver version (hosted by Samsung).

32 Bit

64 Bit

Unfortunately there is no changelog available.Ā  Online chat, phone support, and email support seemed unable to comprehend the request for a changelog.


  1. Cameron

    Where did you find this?? I’ve been waiting forever for an update! I’m curious so that I can search there from now on instead of the official support site since they’re so slow. I’m also hoping to find drivers for other devices on the laptop. Please fill me in. Thank you. šŸ™‚

  2. 22/02/2011

    Unfortunately this was the result of using official Samsung supports instant message, phone, and email support. It took a fair bit of effort to get the latest driver as most people I talked to didn’t really understand the nature of my questions.

  3. Cameron

    I see. I’m noticing a blue hue to my laptop when I look at grays compared to my external display. I’m thinking it’s either the Intel HD graphics drivers or the screen is just like that. Do you notice the same thing? It’s a little nit picky though.

  4. Cameron

    Good news. They ended up providing a newer Intel HD 64-bit ( driver if you’re inerested. It didn’t help my blue hue issue though so I was wondering if you still experienced that. You can really tell in the upper navigation bars in Google Chrome and such.


  5. 22/02/2011

    Interesting, but I think the driver version I posted is newer if you look at the version number. I might be wrong – they might have different drivers included in different packs.

    As for the blue screen issue – I did notice a definite blue hue to the screen. I ended up running the windows color calibration tool to bring the temperature more in line with my preferences.

  6. Cameron

    Well the driver I posted was for the Internal Intel HD gfx card whereas yours is for the Nvidia gfx card since the Samsung QX410 has a dual setup. I ended up installing both as those are the newest I could find. šŸ™‚

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